15 September 2007

Tekken 6

New PS3 Games

Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games America

Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games America

Number of Players: 1-2

Category: Action

Release Date: November 2008

Official Site: Tekken Official

Description: Through the creators of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, Mario Kart Arcade, Timecrisis and series of Tekken, is the upcoming 6th installment of Tekken series. As Director Katsuhiro Harada stated, tekken 6 will boast the greatest number of characters ever seen in a Tekken game with a total of 40 characters.According to Namco, there are four new characters that have been confirmed. These are as follows: Zafina, an Indian female who enters the tournament to prevent the clash of the two evil stars; Leo, a German who is intended to be a character which can be played by both the beginners and experienced players; Miguel, a Spaniard with no real discipline but a passion to fight; and lastly Bob, a man who is known as a martial arts genius. Characters that have been confirmed were listed below.

New Features:

  • New stage features with multi-tiered stages and daylight/nighttime transitions
  • Improved customization option with even more items
  • New 'Rage' system
  • Item-Move (ex. shotgun, shoes, etc. )
  • Online versus

See it for yourself PS3 games Tekken 6 sneak videos and click also the button below for Tekken 6 picture gallery.


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