15 November 2007

SNK vs. CAPCOM: Ultimate 2007

This is a fixed version of SNKvsCAPCOM Ultimate Mugen War. What has been fixed in this version:

Pocket Zangief
Master Rouwe

You no longer need to download the patch files if you download this main file.

Here is a description of this game for those who do not know already:

  • Approximately 400 characters from Capcom, SNK, and Sammy universes.
  • Hidden characters to find.
  • Approximately 250 stages, 240 of which are selectable, and every one of them has their own unique music!
  • You will fight a set number of random matches and then a set number of boss matches.
  • Bosses are arranged by level of difficulty and have their own unique stages and some with their own unique music!
  • High difficulty, but definitely not unbeatable!
  • Different end fights depending on the mode of play!
  • All of the characters were hand picked for playability and balance as well as difficulty and fun factor.
  • Many rare and extremely rare characters! I tried to get the very best versions of characters and many hours went into finding them.
  • Balanced gameplay!



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