28 May 2009

M.A.C.H (Modified Air Combat Heroes)

M.A.C.H (Modified Air Combat Heroes)M.A.C.H. (Modified Air Combat Heroes) - an airplane shooter game for the PlayStation Portable being released last February 20, 2007. It is set in the year 2049, when unmanned jets have driven jobless pilots to form racing and dogfighting leagues.

M.A.C.H (Modified Air Combat Heroes)
There are 11 planes available, which can be customized. Performance upgrades can increase the speed, agility, or power. Visual upgrades can add flags or other symbols to almost any part of the plane.
  • Codec: Good in any situation
  • Greasemonkey: Acrobatic flyer
  • Runner: Strong and Relentless
  • Spitfire: Military Master
  • Carver: Superbly Agile
  • Bear: Unstoppable
  • Loki: Delta Glider
  • Mayday: Getaway Plane
  • Phoenix: Powerful Warplane
  • Serpent: Fast and Elusive
  • Baron: A Secret Design
Multiplayer options include a head-to-head dogfight or a race. A game sharing feature allows multiple people to play with only one copy of the game.

M.A.C.H (Modified Air Combat Heroes)
In Race Mode, the player races seven enemy planes to try to score third place or higher. Pick ups are available, such as rocket cluster, anti gravity mines, homing missile, machpower, and stealth. Guns are disabled in race mode. In Dogfight Mode the player fights seven enemy planes, attempting to keep the highest kill rate until the competition is finished. Guns are unlimited but do overheat.

Enjoy the Game!!


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