09 February 2010

Game Center - Xbox 720 and PS4

Xbox 720 ConceptPS4 Concept
Developer of Xbox 720 and PS4 says that it'll be a browser-based. Gimme5Games head, Matt Spall, believes the traditional console is dead. The next round of consoles will be purely browser-based as all games move online and David Perry tries to take over the world.

Speaking at the Develop Conference, veteran developer Matt Spall, who earlier in the year took his casual games studio Gimme5Games independent from Eidos, told an audience that cloud computing will be the dominant force in the next generation of consoles. The traditional console market as we know it is in its last stages.

“I think the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii will be purely browser-based systems,” he remarked, according to MCV. “Things will change a great deal.”

Spall seemingly echoed recent comments by David Perry, who of course is pushing cloud computing heavily with his own Gaikai service. "It won’t be long before 100 percent of games are all online," Perry said at the conference.

Perry pointed out that along with the digital revolution will come greater accessibility to content. The iPhone, for example, takes just one tap to install an app and another tap to play, whereas something like World of Warcraft, “I’m twenty clicks in and, finally, I see a play button.”

Perry plans to install his Gaikai servers in "every major city" across the globe. He noted that currently 67% of the U.K. and 60% of North America has enough bandwidth to support Gaikai.

via: GameDaily


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