17 October 2009

FIFA Soccer 2010

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Pre-order FIFA Soccer 2010 by October 19th at 11am CST with overnight shipping and get guaranteed delivery on the street date of October 20th! If your product does not arrive on the street date, we will fully refund your shipping charge. Continental United States only. Must have Overnight Service available in your area. Offer void if you are unable to accept a delivery that was attempted. Not responsible for orders delayed due to inclement weather, incorrect address, credit card information, or for your postman practicing his Ace Venture 360 degree dribbling with your game.

FIFA 10 delivers a true soccer experience to you with authentic club and leagues licenses as well as new tailored gameplay enhancements and innovations that combine to create the complete soccer simulation. On the heels of FIFA 09, the world’s top-selling soccer franchise, EA SPORTS™ invites fans to experience a truly tailored gameplay experience with FIFA 10 for Playstation® 2.

  • More Responsive Gameplay – various areas of the game have been enhanced to allow for a more fluid experience. Heading and crossing have been improved, player switching is now more effective, skill moves are now easier to pull off, players now have the ability to auto-evade slide tackles in certain scenarios, and quick free kicks have been added so the user can keep the game tempo going.
  • Individual Team Styles – New Team Styles will allow you to change your style of play based on your opposition to create a more dynamic experience while exploiting weaknesses in their game, and building on your own teams strengths. There are 9 attacking and 5 defensive general styles, as well as 13 special case teams with their own unique style of play, based on the real world.
  • Pre-match scouting reports – Learning to play professional soccer the correct way is even easier now with insight from your manager. Scout Reports will provide a pre-match scouting report helping plan your attack against every opponent, highlighting their team style and key players to watch out for, giving you tactical advice on how to beat them.
  • Be A Pro: Club and Country – Take your player from the beginning of his career to the peak of international stardom in the new revamped Be A Pro mode. Grow your professional player at the club level and work your way into your national team in one of the most grueling challenges of any professional players career.
  • Season Mode – Similar to Manager Mode, but without some of the complexities such as player transfers and salaries, Season Mode provides a more accessible option of guiding your favourite team to glory. Take your club through the most in-depth Season Mode to date and compete in official league fixtures, cup and continental competitions. This mode allows you to focus on playing matches with the current crop of players available in your club, making it a lighter, faster way to take your team to the top.
  • Updated collision system – New collision avoidance system means that players are less likely to get in the way and collide with team mates. Improved teammates support – Team mates are now more intelligent, providing a greater level of support. Support runs are now more effective, and there are increased passing and crossing options as a result.
  • Improved goalkeepers – Goalkeeper AI intelligence has been improved, so that keepers now make more authentic decisions, with improved variation in shot stopping and deflections. They are quicker off their line in 1 on 1 situation, and behave in line with their overall team styles.
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