07 December 2010

Game Online and Blogging Online

Nowadays, every kid in the world should be familiar with online game. Many kind of online game providers provide the kids with games that can be only played on line or through internet connection. There so many genres of online game and one of the genres are the duel or fight or action genre. This genre includes the fight between man and man or the action a man versus many men. One example of the online game that include in this genres is Boxhead 2. This game is very famous among the action game lovers. So many kids and adult play it in their house, in office, in school, etc.

Another genre that also very interesting and has playing by so many people is RTS (Real Time Strategy). In this genre you will ask to build your army first and then try to defeat your enemy army and then conquer their territorial. Age of War is one the most played online game in RTS genre. This game will make you as a commander of an army that can conquer the world in that game.

Besides playing the two online games mentioned above, you can also make money by online in the internet. One of the ways to make money is by doing Blogging. Many internet users called Blogging for money. With blogging seriously when you online, you can make your own money just from the internet whenever and wherever you want to. So, if you interested in making money on line you can do it while playing online game. Best in using your time, make the best way to earn your money.


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