24 December 2009

Would Some Bonus Content Help?

So once again, Chrontendo is behind schedule. It's not due to pure laziness, really. I've been getting my house painted for the last week, and we decided to get the garage painted at the last minute. If you've ever needed to clear out a garage that's been collecting stuff for a few years, you'll know its a huge and time consuming effort.

Of course, Episode 24 would be done by know if it weren't for.... Bonus Content! Yep, the promised followup to the computer game round-up is here. We'll be checking out the arcade games of 1987.

One of these games is called "Double Dragon." For some reason, it's not the one on the left.

And I just now realized that the last post was rather heavily centered on screenshots featuring half naked men. I hope everyone enjoyed this special "all-Beefcake" post. It all ties into my plans to eventually transition Chrontendo from video games to a Tom of Finland fan site.


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