19 December 2009

About That Episode 26

It's coming, eventually. Thanksgiving is over and done with, but I had no time to work on Chrontendo. Even though this episode contains Final Fantasy and Mega Man, those games aren't what's holding it up - they were finished some time ago. The only things that still need voice overs are Wizardry and a couple minor titles. Unfortunatley, I came down with something the day after Thanksgiving and have lost my voice. Hopefully, it will be back to normal in a couple days and work will resume. Thanks for your patience.

Wizardry, by the way, is not the prettiest looking RPG for the Famicom, that's for sure. It's also not the easiest to play. But along with Ultima, the 1981 Apple II release of Wizardry laid down the guidelines that most RPGs still follow to a certain extent. You can definitely see its influence on the original Final Fantasy. In this screen shot here, everyone in my party is either paralyzed or dead - something you'll see a lot in FF.

FF did make some adjustments to some of the more frustrating aspects of Wizardry. In Wizardry almost every treasure chest dropped by a monster is booby trapped. You can try to disarm them... but its not uncommon to open a chest, obtain 10 pieces of gold and, as a bonus, get paralyzed: a status effect that costs 100 pieces of gold to cure! In other words, life is not fair in this game.


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