22 December 2009

Some Odds and Ends

Hey! So you might be wondering when the new Chrontendo is coming out. It should be soon. But guess what? The next episode will be the 25th! Or 28th if you count the Chronsega.

Speaking of Chronsega, the 4th episode will follow Chrotendo 25, then after that will be Chrontendo 26. As it works out, Chronsega 4 and Chrontendo 26 will form sort of a "dueling RPGs" duology as each episode will feature one of the most well-loved RPGs of the 8-bit days. These two games were released virtually concurrently in Japan. One established a multimedia empire of sorts; the other became a cult classic and is considered by many to be the best game for the SMS.

Then we'll be on to Chrontendo 27, which will close out 1987. Shortly thereafter, Chronturbo will debut.

Also, I've updated the links, adding few more fine video game related sites. In particular, I'll point out another Chronogaming project over at Magweasel. Yes, this fellow is chronogaming the PC Engine in a particularly excellent fashion which I suppose makes Chronturbo somewhat redundant. But don't worry! Chronturbo is still go!

One game coming soon is the NES version of Metal Gear, which reminds me of some recent news for Kojima fans. After what was undoubtedly an incredible amount of hard work, an unofficial English translation of Policenauts has been released. So 15 years later, we can finally play the "missing" Kojima game.

In other news, Chrontendo Episode 25 is somewhat behind schedule, but I've been a little busy. Aside from playing all the way through that damned Namco Star Wars game, I've had various real life stuff going on, including baking a carrot cake.

Please note: I never, ever said I was good at sculpting marzipan.


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