31 December 2009

Army Of Two: 40th Day Demo - Now Available on XBL and PSN

EA's second installment of the "CO-OP" Based "Army Of Two" game isnt set to be released for quite some time, however recently on Xbox Live Marketplace, and on the Playstation Network a decent size Demo has been uploaded for all other us gamers to download and enjoy.

The demo itself is 1.81GB in size and is apparently "only a small part" of the first level of the full game.

Not only that the demo can be played either in single player or in co-op mode. Whether or not this means "online co-op" is left to be seen.

Either way this demo is only a small taste of what we can expect to see in the final game, and on that bomb shell - check out my favourite trailer of Army Of Two:40th Day below:


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