28 December 2009

Four New Games For Windows Live Arcade

Awhile ago the "Games For Windows Live Dashboard" was updated with a fresh "Live Marketplace" where full "on demand" Live PC Games (with achievements) could be bought and downloaded straight onto the PC, well not only that Arcade styled games were also added. The first of which was called "Tinker" and was a free download.

So now not only can Xbox Live offer "Arcade" styled games and full Xbox 360 Games on demand, but the "Games For Windows" service can now offer the same stuff.

Well today the Games For Windows Live marketplace has been updated with four brand new Games For Windows Live Arcade games, which are:

  • Mahjong Wisdom (400 MSP)
  • Osmos (400 MSP)
  • Where's Waldo? (600 MSP)
  • World of Goo (800 MSP)

All Four games are now available to download from the US and EU Games For Windows Live Marketplace - the only thing i can not seem to find is the "Trial" versions like Xbox live has, as for Arcade games i like to try before i buy. Happy Shopping!


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