31 December 2009

Banjo Kazooie To Appear In SEGA All-Stars Racing on Xbox 360

The latest trailer for SEGA's "Sonig & Sega All-Stars Racing" for the Xbox 360 was revealed today and it came with some "shocking" news.

Not only will the racing game feature "Avatar Racers", similar to what Activision did with Guitar Hero 5 (and Ban Hero) the game will also feature RARE'S main character "Banjo" and his sidekick "Kazooie" and judging from the trailer (which can be seen below) the concept of their car (or kart) was taken from the recent "Nuts & Bolts" game.

So it seems to me that SEGA are now starting to trail off down NAMCO's route of putting "exclusive" characters into different formats, this was first seen with Soul Calibur 2 when the Playstation 2 got Heihachi (from Tekken), Xbox got Spawn (DC Comics) and Gamecube got Link (Legend Of Zelda).

So the question remains - if the Xbox 360 is going to get Banjo Kazooie and Avatar's as an exclusive (or extra character) then what will the Playstation 3 (and other formats) get. Either way the latest trailer for the game can be seen below:


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