01 January 2010

Games On Demand Goes Live For Windows Live

The Games For Windows Live Client, part of which can be seen in most Games For Windows Live Games, has now been officially updated in the UK and EU.

The recent update now adds "Games On Demand" to the Games For Windows Live Marketplace and works in the same way that it does on the Xbox 360 - by using real money instead of the Microsoft Points.

Not only that a new "PC Live Arcade" section has also been added to the service, and to celebrate the launch of the "PC Live Arcade" a FREE Arcade Game is available to download.

The games that are now currently available for "Games On Demand" on the PC Live Marketplace are:

• Battlestations: Pacific ($34.99)
• Dirt 2 ($39.99)
• Fallout 3 ($49.99)
• Fuel ($39.99)
• Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights ($19.99)
• Kane & Lynch: Dead Men ($19.99)
• Red Faction: Guerrilla ($39.99)
• Resident Evil 5 ($49.99)
• Section 8 ($49.99)
• Shadowrun ($19.99)
• Street Fighter IV ($39.99)
• Viva Pinata ($19.99)

The prices above are the current "USA" Prices, however it has been reported that Shadowrun and Viva Pinata are on offer for $9.99 until 4th January 2010.

The Arcade game that is FREE is called "Tinker", and when other PC Arcade games are released (such as World Of Goo and Osmos) they will be priced between $10 - $20.

Regarding the "Client" update - as soon as you run the "Games For Windows Live" application it will automatically download and install the update - which can take a few minutes to download and install. Happy Shopping!


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