08 January 2010

Playstation 3 - 3.10 Firmware Update Goes Live

The latest Playstation 3 Firmware update, 3.10, officially went live this morning and one of the major features that has been added to the Playstation 3 is facebook.

Xbox Live went live with facebook, twitter and last.fm support earlier in the week, but 2 days later sony have now responded with their version of the facebook application.

At this moment in time the "facebook" on the PS3 only allows users to update their "Trophy status, PSN Store purchase information and recent gaming event information", users will not be able to post messages on the wall or view friends photos - this all has to be done via the main "facebook" website, which now looks more realistic and better than it did on the previous PSN Web browser.

Other small changes that are included in this firmware update is that "thumbnail photos" can be sorted into different layout, such as vertical (like previously) or in rows of 5 - which makes it easier to view alot of photos at once on screen. Also the background colour of your PSN Gamertag can be changed colour, as before it was a dull grey, but now you can customise is so your friends know exactly which person you are on their list. The last update is that "POLISH" is now an officially suported language on the Playstation 3 console.

For more information regarding this 3.10 Firmware update on the Playstation 3 check out a preview of it on the playstation.


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