15 January 2010

Three Xbox 360 Games Released onto

Its Wednesday and that can only mean one thing for Xbox gamers like me and that is that Xbox Live Marketplace gets updated with numerous amount of content such as Videos, Games, Demos Game-Add-ons and Xbox Live Arcade Games.

Even though the popular additions to this weeks marketplace are the "Rock Band Queen Track Pack" or the extra album for The Beatles: Rock Band, i also noticed that three, Xbox 360 games have been released onto the "Games On Demand" (Download to Own) service.

Though this service, in theory, is a good idea, its the prices at the minute that are keeping it from being more popular, last week saw the release of Rockstars GTAIV and being sold at £19.99, which is exactly the same price as it is in stores now since the game has now gone into the £19.99 Classic selection.

Well this week see's the release of Army Of Two, Sonic Unleashed and Midnight Club: Los Angeles and its the first time (i think) that more than 1 or 2 full xbox 360 games have been released onto the service.

The only downfall is that each game costs £19.99 and because the games are well over a year old (from original street date) you could easily pick these games up (even brand new) for less than that, i know for a fact Sonic Unleashed was getting sold at around £17.99 last christmas / january in Game, Gamestation and Gameplay.

Either way its still nice for some new titles to be released onto the service, but it would work ALOT better if brand new releases (or games not from this region) are thrown onto the service.


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