11 January 2010


Metal Drift is a vehicular climb combat game ordered in a distant future. As the player, you command an agile, broad powered waver cell in a futuristic sports arena. Core game endeavor centers on intense tank-on-tank multiplayer aggroup combat seen through an immersive, first person cockpit. Layered on this is a goal-oriented game type that allows for broad level strategy and aggroup dynamics. Players crapper level up to unlock new ranks, weapons, and upgrades.

Each instrument and raise is specifically designed and balanced to allow different styles of play. Pair up the Stealth raise and the Shock Cannon to uncloak behindhand an enemy contestant and unload a devastating blow before leaving again. Or opt the Sensor raise to see where all the nearby players are, and the Temporal Cannon to dispense them through walls! There are 56 possible combinations – opt whichever suits your strategy.

* Multiplayer team-based vehicular combat
* 5 Different arenas featuring multiple levels and boost tunnels
* Persistent leveling system – level-up to unlock new weapons and upgrades
* Stats and Leaderboards
* 56 Different tank configurations
* 18 Steam Achievements, with more coming soon!
* Unique energy management system – accumulate energy and then distribute it to weapons or use it to gain a speed boost!


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