13 January 2010

Review of the Month: HideIP VPN

Internet security and privacy is becoming anxiety issue for all internet users. Some people prefer to use coercive antivirus or internet security in order to protect their identity on the internet and for security. However, we would same to recommend a new artefact to protect you, the using of VPN. We found out that HideIP VPN is a great service. It provides both liberated and premium VPN.

* HideIp VPN main features includes the following:

  • No single logs is kept. So feel safer
  • High speed internet connection is provided
  • Encrypts and compresses all traffic including Email, IRC, FTP, DNS, VOIP, and IM
  • Bypasses the ISP’s traffic shaping.
  • Your IP is hidden while using HideIPVPN.com. So, you are safe from hackers.
  • Works on almost every platform including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Easy to use and
  • Your internet identity is from USA or UK
  • Free service is provided

HideIp VPN give away about 100 free accounts per month. However, they are usually taken up just within the prototypal 30 minute of each month. If you do not want to move for another month, it is better for you to subscribe to its affordable Premium Service. It cost just $9.99 per month, it your identity is completely protect buy HideIp VPN service. The premium assist also add player functions such as:

  1. Offers complete privacy and anonymity by using OpenVPN
  2. It is more secure and stable than PPTP
  3. Unique and Dedicated IP addresses
  4. Anonymous The United States and United Kingdoms IP addresses!
  5. Instant activation after payment
  6. Unlimited bandwidth
Therefore, you should have sometime visiting HideIP VPN website for more information.


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