16 January 2010

Xbox Sky Player - Possible Channel Listings & Prices Revealed

As most of you will know the Xbox Sky player will be available in the UK from Tuesday 27th October, however what we do not know is what channels and on-demand services will be available, let alone how much the service will cost.

Well the guys over at "Xbox360Achievements.org" have come across XML data that feeds directly to the Xbox / Sky Player itself and inside this bit of data contains information about the sky players chanel listings aswell as other things.

According to this data there will be 20 Live streaming channels available from launch, which are:

* G.O.L.D
* Sky Real Lives
* Sky Arts 1
* Sky Movies 1 & 2
* Sky Movies 1, 2, 3 and Xtra
* Sky Sports News
* British Eurospot
* ESPN Classic
* Sky News
* National Geographic
* National Geographic Wild
* History
* Eden
* Cartoon Network
* Boomerang
* Discovery Channel

More channels could be added after launch, still these are the exclusive channels that module be acquirable at launch, Sky1 is absent from the list still Sky1 programs (channel) module be availe to download using the Sky players \"on demand\" service.

All this sounds rather interesting, still its the price thats the problem, non-sky subscribers can clear £15 a month (and not be tied to any contract) for these \"entertainment\" live channels aswell as a selection of \"on-demand\" channels, still the Sky Sports & Movie channels module outlay extra.

Another \"possible\" downfall is that the Sky Player haw \"not\" be liberated to all underway Sky Subscribers, as ostensibly the assist module exclusive be acquirable to Multi-room and/or band subscribers - if this is true, then underway sky subscribers would have to clear an added £9.75 a month to ingest the sky contestant on the Xbox 360.

At the moment this is mostly \"speculation\" as me (and the website that found the info) are assuming that this content is correct, if the content is precise i should be healthy to ingest the Xbox Sky contestant for liberated without any problems - still for the others, id rather meet intend added Sky Box (for multiroom) or follow with standard freeview.


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