20 January 2010

Band Hero Demo Now Available On Xbox Live Marketplace

Activisions "Pop" spin-off of Guitar Hero, mostly knownly as Band Hero, has recieved a 3-song demo on Xbox live this afternoon.

The gameplay and graphics are exactly the same as Guitar Hero 5, except a few tweaks, a new game mode and a different selection of music.

The Demo at the moment (since its new) is only available to Xbox Live "GOLD" Members, however silver members should be able to download it within the next few weeks.

The Band Hero demo is 533mb in size and consists of 3 tracks, which is similar to the Guitar Hero 5 demo that was recently a few weeks back. The 3 tracks that are available to play on the Band Hero Demo are:

* Finger Eleven "Paralyzer"
* Katrina & The Waves "Walking On Sunshine"
* Taylor Swift "Picture To Burn"

As mentioned previously the demo is available only to GOLD Xbox live subscribers and the demo is available on USA and UK /EU Xbox Live Accounts.


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