08 January 2010

Playstation Video Store Goes Live In UK

I recently recieved an e-mail from the "Sony Newsletter" saying that there "Playstation Video Store" service is now officially up and running.

Basically the PSN Video Store (for short) is to rival a variety of online "digital" movie purchasing stores such as "Zune Video" on Xbox Live and Itunes Video.

The major difference (so i have read) between the PSN Video Store and XBL Zune Video Store is that all purchases on the PSN Video Store are ONE-OFF-ONLY payments and you get to keep the video. For example "Angels & Demons" on the PSN Video Store costs around £11.99 to buy, with this you can transfer it to your PSP or possibly even your PC and transfer it to other portable video devices - not to mention keep it on the PS3 and watch it like a normal DVD (or HD fBlu-ray film).

This seems like "superb" news espically compared to the XBL Zune Video Store where all videos (mainly movies at the moment) are RENTED out for a week for around 560 MS, which is around £4.50.

To Celebrate the launch of the PSN Video Store, Sony are offering everyone (and anyone) who purchases "Angels & Demons" from 19th November to 30th November a FREE Download of "The Da Vinci Code" (usual price is £6.99) - So thats two great films for one superb price.

For more information regarding the PSN Video Store click on this link.


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