15 January 2010

Limited Edition Nintendo Wii Now

Yet again Nintendo are jumping onto the "Limited Edition" bundles as Nintendo have recently announced that pre-orders are now open for a "limited"black Nintendo Wii.

As you can see from the picture the Wii-mote, Wii-Console and Kunchuck are all going to be black, but the Wii base will become a darker shade of grey, and i do have to say it looks pritty slick.

This Limited Edition Wii will come with the standard "Wii Sports" aswell as the ever popular "Wii Sport Resort" and "Motion Plus". So its the exact same package that was recently earlier in the month, but now its black ad in limited amounts.

All major games outlets such as Gamestation, Game and Gameplay and other online retailers such as Play.com are all currently accepting pre-orders for this item. As you can see from the websites this edition of the Nintendo Wii will cost £179.99 (SRP) with is exactly the same price as the previous Nintendo Wii consoles and it is released on the 6th November.

Black Nintendo Accessories are also expected to be released for a limited time period (obviously you do not want a white controller with a black machine) and will cost exactly the same as the original White versions.


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