06 January 2010

Bayonetta Demo Now Available on XBL and PSN

SEGA's latest (and much talked about) hack and slash, Devil May Cry styled, game - most commonly known as "Bayonetta" may not be released till early next year however fans following the game can now "rejorce" as the demo is now available for download on both UK and US PSN and XBL Accounts.

The Demo, which was previously released several months ago on the Japanese XBL Servers, and most recently been given away as FREE USA XBL CODE Downloads in Competitions finally lands on UK Consoles today, and even though its took all this time to get here its still the demo (with nothing extra added) that i played several months ago and at the recent Eurogamer Expo.

The Demo itself is around 780mb (on the Xbox 360) and 1664mb (on the PS3) and contains 2 Different levels - 1 level mainly fighting and showing the "action" side of Bayonetta, where as the other level shows more of the "adventure" side of Bayonetta, either way - if you enjoyed Devil May Cry you will certainly like Bayonetta.

On another note Eurogamer are currently running a competiton where a few lucky people could win an imported (PS3) copy of the game, which will run on any PS3 Console (since PS3 Games are Region 3) or a limited edition version of the Xbox 360 (PAL) game. For more information on this competition.


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