07 January 2010

New Live Channels added to Sky Player on Xbox 360

If your a Xbox SKY Player Customer and (or) a fan of the Sky service then you may have recently noticed that "several" new "LIVE" Channels have been added to the service.

Most noticeable are "Eden" , "Crime & Investigation" aswell as another childrens live channel "Disney XD"

This news may not "interest" everyone, however it does indicate that Microsoft and Sky will (over time) bring new LIVE Channels to the Xbox Sky Player. Its all just a matter of "when" and "how long". But as usual Sky and Microsoft will just give us the answer of "soon".

However seeing Disney XD live on the Xbox Sky Player sort of makes me happy as they tend to show Pokemon Marathrons (including Pokemon Movies 10 and 11) - which i always forget to record - either way Happy viewing!


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