09 January 2010

Xtival Weekend Returns!

Xtival Returns with "Xtival '09 Winter" and is expected to commence on 27th November 2009.

"What Does this mean?" you ask, well the main "popular" reason is that EVERYONE gets Xbox Live for FREE for the whole weekend, so all your friends that have XBL Silver Accounts can now play online and see what its like to play with us "Gold Members" of the Xbox Live Community.

Not only that other special events (which will be announced closer to the date) will take place. Special Events include random prize giveaways and online tournaments for popular games such as Halo 3 (ODST), Gears Of War 2, Modern Warfare (1 & 2) and Fifa 10.

Obviously the only way to "win it" is to be "in it", so check the official Xtival Website here every so often for the latest and up-to-date news regarding the Xtival '09 Winter Event.


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